Saturday, August 22, 2009

Want some good new f*$*kin' music?! Well I hope ur happy... Dizzee Rascal

It Was back in summer '07, there I was in Amsterdamn, mindin' my own damn business, at some club with @misssk when BAM! I go hit like Mike Jones at the Ozone Awards. An nah, it wasn't residuals from that pure sativa Black Widow Swisha I had smoked an hr. earlier. It was this muthafuckin' crazy ass, roll my balls off and put em in a jar, Garage/ HipHop set the DJ was spinnin'. I loved it. As I proceeded ta tear da club up like a Memphis ape on crystal molly and adderall with an African made AK-47, I was amazingly able to preserve enough memories make it back to the telly the next day and Google the shit out of this music - I came across this nigga named Dizzee Rascal....

Every since then I have been hooked. Its been 2 years of followin' this foo and I have come to find out this guy, only about a yr. older that myself- 23, is a musical genius in the making.

He started, as a lot of us, at the bottom. Long story short he stoles cars, wrecked shop in the projects in Southeast London, started a pirate radio station, began to DJ, produce, and rap, released a shit-ton of mixtapes, got a deal, started his own label, and the rest is history... From what I've heard about this nigga, I have reason to believe he Holds-It-Down like the Botany Boys. Real Talk.... BTW, I saw him in concert at Emo's on 6th street right here in ATX in '08, and I have to say it was THE LIVEST HipHop show I had seen in years. I really hope he comes back ta the Lonestar State soon. Enough of my boppa chat tho, here's a "selecta" of his works in Chronological order from 2002 to the present.

*I must warn you, this is very different from the traditional HipHop, Rap and fakebullshitwannabehiphoptrash we are used to... Enjoy!

2002 - Roll Deep - Eskimo- Creeper Tape - *all freestyle

Sidewinder Tape - DJ. Slimzee - Roll Deep Crew - Dizzee in at ":40"

Also from Dj Slimzee sidewinder collection series

2003 - "Sittin' Here" - Boy in da Corner - Winner of a Mercury International Music Award

2004 - "Graftin" - Showtime

"Violence" - Newham Generals Ft. Dizzee

2007 - "Temptation" - Arctic Monkeys Ft. Dizzee Rascal

2007 - "Where Da G's?" - Maths + English - Feat. UGK

These Last two pieces are from his new album. He has gone commercial, and at the same time, gone back to his roots. He started his career in the UK Rave scene, and it looks like that's exactly where he will stay. This time, I think he's really on to something big tho. Is the RAVE coming back with attack? Hiphop style? Only time will tell...

2009 - "Bonkers" - Tongue 'n Cheek

Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van Helden - Bonkers from slic on Vimeo.

2009 - "Holiday" - Tongue 'n Cheek

Holiday (feat. Chrome) - Dizzee Rascal from TeamSupreme on Vimeo.