Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Young Dro f. Yung LA, “I Don’t Know Y’all”

This video is the shit. Mr. Gabriel Hart needs to direct more videos. I feel like I'm in Bankhead with Dro Mike Epps and Lil Duval POSTED
The best part is at 1:40, The child-jackin' crackhead interlude.

This is ART.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


HOLD'em up Screw! Dem ABN Boys did it again. JAYTON, wheres the mixtape at?!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bad ass mother fu**...

Beautiful... This Jay-Z video was made by Evan Roth

Evan Roth

[1978, Michigan, USA]

Evan Roth (aka fi5e) is an artist with interests in technoloy, tools of empowerment, open source, and popular culture. Whether working in public space as a co-founder of the Graffiti Research Lab, or working on the Internet with strangers to create the White Glove Tracking project, Roth's work aims to inject open and free ideals into the public sphere.

Roth's projects have recently shown at the Sundance Film Festival, the Moma, the Tate Modern, the New Museum, and on BET. Evan's work has been published in the New York Times, Time magazine, Rolling Sone, and Esquire, and is the number one return for the google search "bad ass mother fucker".

Evan lives in Hong Kong with his wife and enjoys spending his free time violating laws related to copyright and vandalism. Current and past work is archived at

"Release early, often, and with rap music"

Graffiti Taxonomy: Paris, 2009 from Evan Roth on Vimeo.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Want some good new f*$*kin' music?! Well I hope ur happy... Dizzee Rascal

It Was back in summer '07, there I was in Amsterdamn, mindin' my own damn business, at some club with @misssk when BAM! I go hit like Mike Jones at the Ozone Awards. An nah, it wasn't residuals from that pure sativa Black Widow Swisha I had smoked an hr. earlier. It was this muthafuckin' crazy ass, roll my balls off and put em in a jar, Garage/ HipHop set the DJ was spinnin'. I loved it. As I proceeded ta tear da club up like a Memphis ape on crystal molly and adderall with an African made AK-47, I was amazingly able to preserve enough memories make it back to the telly the next day and Google the shit out of this music - I came across this nigga named Dizzee Rascal....

Every since then I have been hooked. Its been 2 years of followin' this foo and I have come to find out this guy, only about a yr. older that myself- 23, is a musical genius in the making.

He started, as a lot of us, at the bottom. Long story short he stoles cars, wrecked shop in the projects in Southeast London, started a pirate radio station, began to DJ, produce, and rap, released a shit-ton of mixtapes, got a deal, started his own label, and the rest is history... From what I've heard about this nigga, I have reason to believe he Holds-It-Down like the Botany Boys. Real Talk.... BTW, I saw him in concert at Emo's on 6th street right here in ATX in '08, and I have to say it was THE LIVEST HipHop show I had seen in years. I really hope he comes back ta the Lonestar State soon. Enough of my boppa chat tho, here's a "selecta" of his works in Chronological order from 2002 to the present.

*I must warn you, this is very different from the traditional HipHop, Rap and fakebullshitwannabehiphoptrash we are used to... Enjoy!

2002 - Roll Deep - Eskimo- Creeper Tape - *all freestyle

Sidewinder Tape - DJ. Slimzee - Roll Deep Crew - Dizzee in at ":40"

Also from Dj Slimzee sidewinder collection series

2003 - "Sittin' Here" - Boy in da Corner - Winner of a Mercury International Music Award

2004 - "Graftin" - Showtime

"Violence" - Newham Generals Ft. Dizzee

2007 - "Temptation" - Arctic Monkeys Ft. Dizzee Rascal

2007 - "Where Da G's?" - Maths + English - Feat. UGK

These Last two pieces are from his new album. He has gone commercial, and at the same time, gone back to his roots. He started his career in the UK Rave scene, and it looks like that's exactly where he will stay. This time, I think he's really on to something big tho. Is the RAVE coming back with attack? Hiphop style? Only time will tell...

2009 - "Bonkers" - Tongue 'n Cheek

Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van Helden - Bonkers from slic on Vimeo.

2009 - "Holiday" - Tongue 'n Cheek

Holiday (feat. Chrome) - Dizzee Rascal from TeamSupreme on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Some Video Art Fo Yo Ass

So, I came across this video on the Fader [insert omnious Fader echo] blog--> This shit is for the tru art geeks. Its called "Civilization" by Marco Brambilla. I would keep typing but here's what Fader had to say about it to save me some energy:

"The Standard NYC opened a couple of months ago and it’s a gorgeous hotel, a feat of architecture and ideation. Its attention to indulgently avant-garde detail is fully embodied in Marco Brambilla’s “Civilization,” an ominous video installation depicting the long march of mankind towards something like sci-fi purgatory. It’s transfixing and freaky just watching it in an office chair, but when you consider this thing is airing INSIDE the elevators, you might want to A. book a penthouse room so you can watch the whole marvelous thing or B. hope and pray you don’t have any kind of height/closed spaces phobia this thing might trigger. Seems worth checking it out in its natural habitat, though–the sensation of motion with the churning pyres of the piece will probably amp the godliness factor like 900x."


Civilization by Marco Brambilla from CRUSH on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An Epiphany - 11-20-08

This is an epiphany in conversation format I had back on 11-20-08, right after the semi-market crash, regarding the current economic environment.

I just had an epiphany!

Our economy is going to shit. And… Along with that so does the price of everything that we value…

You see, all the people older than us are terrified because the value of all the assets they built up their whole lives are going to be worth nothing quite shortly. This is the best news we as young folks could ever ask for!

Because we can buy shit cheap and watch it appreciate?

Exactly, the young folks that capitalize on this opportunity over the next few years will be the richest folks ever as we get older…

You see, we can't lose shit if we ain’t got shit! Later in our lives, all the strongest, most significant assets in our economy will overlap the value they had at their present peak.

It’s gonna be pretty difficult to ride it out but, the richest people in our society right now are the people that capitalized during the last few economic down turns.

We're already in route to surpass all those downturns, so we have the best opportunity to rebuild wealth since the great depression... if not better...

As a very small example, I've been day trading my account the past couple months and lost a lot of money...
BUT, I’m starting to learn how to really manage stock investments and made 20k in just the past three days! Although we just hit another bottom with the DOW closings at almost 50% lower than October last year.

If you can learn to manage money and be profitable in tough times, when the going gets good, nothing can stop you.

This also goes for your personal, emotional, and social assets. Imagine we're training for a downhill race by climbing a mountain....The only catch is we must pray, be patient, and train for the day of the race to come.

Some thought to consider...

That is all

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First post, of course it's a shameless add... oh well.

Thinkin' about taking a trip to the far-East coast? Check this out; a touring company geared toward showing young folks a good time in the People's Republic. Holla

Tour-ing from Randy Yang on Vimeo.