Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An Epiphany - 11-20-08

This is an epiphany in conversation format I had back on 11-20-08, right after the semi-market crash, regarding the current economic environment.

I just had an epiphany!

Our economy is going to shit. And… Along with that so does the price of everything that we value…

You see, all the people older than us are terrified because the value of all the assets they built up their whole lives are going to be worth nothing quite shortly. This is the best news we as young folks could ever ask for!

Because we can buy shit cheap and watch it appreciate?

Exactly, the young folks that capitalize on this opportunity over the next few years will be the richest folks ever as we get older…

You see, we can't lose shit if we ain’t got shit! Later in our lives, all the strongest, most significant assets in our economy will overlap the value they had at their present peak.

It’s gonna be pretty difficult to ride it out but, the richest people in our society right now are the people that capitalized during the last few economic down turns.

We're already in route to surpass all those downturns, so we have the best opportunity to rebuild wealth since the great depression... if not better...

As a very small example, I've been day trading my account the past couple months and lost a lot of money...
BUT, I’m starting to learn how to really manage stock investments and made 20k in just the past three days! Although we just hit another bottom with the DOW closings at almost 50% lower than October last year.

If you can learn to manage money and be profitable in tough times, when the going gets good, nothing can stop you.

This also goes for your personal, emotional, and social assets. Imagine we're training for a downhill race by climbing a mountain....The only catch is we must pray, be patient, and train for the day of the race to come.

Some thought to consider...

That is all

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

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Tour-ing from Randy Yang on Vimeo.